I had another solid run last night on the ten oclock game. With over 1100 people in the tournament, I finished 63rd. Last hand I got knocked out with was my own fault. I didnt follow the advice i started the month with. Which in one word is simple: PATIENCE. The number one thing that this league has taught me is that you have to take your time and carefully pick your spots to get your chips in the center. One other thing that it has taught me is that you should never give up no matter how bad you get down. I was down to just a couple of hundred in chips at one point. I then proceeded to build my stack back up and make the deep run that i did. So that is my advice to anyone who listens is patience and never just throw your chips in the middle when you give up because that should never cross your mine. Thanks again to all the players and I hope to see you at the tables.