Hello all,

I love the game of poker. Both the thrill and the excitement of the game keep me content for hours.

I wouldn't say that I am a very experienced player, but I try to take every hand as serious as possible.I have been enjoying the poker school very much when it comes to teaching pot odds and outs; critical for good poker players. Which is what my goal is: To make my thrill, profitable.

Basically what I am looking for is a little advice on how to go about certain things while on the table. I know that the poker school gives me all the advice I need with respect to how to play the game and how to go about playing for beginner, experienced, and professional levels. What I need advice with is how NOT to get to discouraged and make to fast decisions when it comes to the online play. This I cannot from the poker school, but from the experienced players who have been a beginner online player and who know exactly what i'm talking about. I feel as though my bankroll is to far down and will just continue to fall. 

Should I try more NLHE, S&G, ZOOM, or MTT's??

Usually when I play I play no more than TWO tables at a time; It's just more exciting. Am I playing for the wrong reasons if I want to turn a profit? Should emotions be blank on the table? When is enough enough?

Advice from all will be wonderful as this is my first blog,