I've documented my Protégé adventure quite a lot recently so rather than repeat what my prize is (check my previous posts if you need to!) I thought I would give the curious of you a match report of the first WCOOP event I played.

My game plan was to make sure I didn't do anything too fancy, but also make sure I kept an eye on the other protégés progress as that first cash is absolutely CRUCIAL to securing that amazing PCA main event prize!

Things started off very well. Firstly Akkari's protége Allan busted early on, then shortly after I won a nice big pot when I flopped a set and my opponent had 2 pair. 


 Katchalov's protégé was the next to fall, so now it was just Olga left, who I noticed had just under half her starting stack.

After this I then lost a big pot when I flopped top pair with an ace kicker, and got a bit too agressive on that flop. I managed to bloat the pot when I could have controlled the size of it, which could have led to a cheap showdown, but instead put myself in a situation where I would have had to call off my whole stack with just top pair. First mistake, and it cost me half my stack!

Things went from bad to worse when my AK got smashed by A9, and putting me down to just 2767 chips!


However there was some good news, as Elky's protégé Olga finally got felted meaning that everyone who tweeted #roblastlonger was now in a $1000 freeroll! Massive value here as well - there were only 21 runners, with $200 for third, $300 for second a cool $500 for first! 

Now it was time to get back into this, and I did just that, firstly with AK again:


then with this 88. So I was picking up some hands and winning races! Let the run good commence!


I then won my biggest pot of the tournament so far:


The reason I shoved my QQ in this spot is that the UTG limper on the previous hand had done the exact same thing with AQ, limping and calling an allin. Worked out very well for me with 2 people calling with quite weak hands!

Things then got extremely tough for me. I found I was getting 3 bet constantly, so made my notes on who I thought was 3 betting light and waited for the right time to start fighting back!

However, this double up put me in a fantastic position! Blind on blind, I think it was quite an easy call in the end:


So now, there are only 300 people more that need to go out and I have the all important first protégé cash. Then disaster....


I am 100% happy with the way I played. I got a great price to call preflop, checked a fantastic flop like an absolute boss, knowing that I would get bet into, then managed to get all in as a massive favourite on the flop. Can't really do much about it if the poker gods are being mischievous!

This is by far most toughest bad beat I have ever had online, simply because of the importance of the occasion and the timing! However, in general I think I played pretty well, lasted the longest out of the other protégés and got so close to cashing.

I still have 2 more lessons with Vanessa Selbst so we can look at the hands where I got in the trickiest spots and work through them together.

There are still 2 more WCOOP events left for me to play, including Event 22 tomorrow. Make sure you follow me on Twitter @robsharona for regular updates of my progress.

Don't forget to tweet @pokerstars #roblastlonger and if I do last longer than the other protégés again you will win entry into a $1000 freeroll again!

Run good my friends!