The legend that is Vanessa Selbst has picked me as one of her final two potential protégés! I'm obviously completely over the moon!  

I'm so close to winning a real 'dreams come true' kind of prize I can barely sleep. The last tourney I regged for was a $2.50 turbo, so a $5000 main event is a pretty staggering jump! The real opportunity here though is to receive coaching from Vanessa herself. If I win I will try and document the lessons I have learnt, and obviously track my progress in the tournaments for you all as well.

Voting has commenced and will last until 23/08/14, 1 week from now.

^^ That is the link you need, click Vanessa then click Robert Glenister (if you want to of course - no-one is forcing you :p )

Thank you for any support you are willing to give me, and as ever, best of luck at the tables