After placing 2nd in a Selbst qualifier I'm happy to announce that not only did I pick up a useful $80 score, but I've also got through to the next round.  Amazingly the 2nd round isn't another poker tournament to get through (I don't fair so well in stepped events!) but is in fact an invitation for me to make a 1 minute appeal to Vanessa Selbst explaining why I should be her protégé.

Here is my entry.  The next step is for Vanessa to pick me for her top 2.  After that it's down to a public vote!

I had no idea what to do, so in the end I decided to play to my strengths and write a daft song with my mates!  What a mad opportunity though - coaching from Vanessa herself (FYI her rate for this usually is $800/hour), around $10,000 of WCOOP buyins and a chance to play the main event at the PCA.  Imagine!!

Wish me luck, and if I don't get through, at least i'm still keeping the dream alive right here on PSO