I scored a great little result a couple of nights ago and has given me a neat little opportunity to reset my challenge.


If you have been following my blog, I wrecklessly achieved some positive results that took me to over $450.  This resulted in a lot of FPPs, so I took the opportunity to register for a 500FPP satellite to the WCOOP Challenge 07 ($215 buyin).

I won this satellite, securing me a ticket!  I felt I played very well, getting heads up after beating a small field of only 30 odd players.  As sometimes happens, I got the luck I needed on the last hand I played when I put the short stack all in with my AK but ran it into their KK.  Obviously I hit my ace on the river to lock it up!

I saw this a sign, withdrew my ENTIRE bankroll, and then unregistered from the target event.  As Christmas is coming up this money will prove useful, but it still leaves me with $215.00 in tournament money.

This is my game plan:

1) Only enter $1.50 or lower SNGs until I have used up the tournament money.

2) If enter any cash games, sit down with the minimum buyin on 0.01/0.02 tables ONLY.

3) Continue to freeroll wherever possible (Big Bang tournaments, etc.)

This is already producing positive results. Firstly I have $201.00 tournament money remaining, and an additional $26.48, effectively making my bankroll $227.48.  This is a great little profit, but more importantly I am in control.  Secondly, this is approach in more in the spirit of my initial challenge (reach $4,000 because I have IMPROVED as a player).

I love poker, and I need to prove to myself it is because of the game, rather than the winnings.  If I sort my game out and my bankroll management out, the profit will look after itself.

I appreciate all comments as I read them all and genuinely find them helpful.

See you on the microstake tables!

Rob xx