Been a bit quiet on my blog of late.  This is because my journey through then last half of November was freaking RIDICULOUS.  I'm going to try and type my thoughts as I think of them so it may be a little disjointed!

My bankroll currently sits on a very healthy $460.82.  Did I get this through patience, hours of microstakes grinding and slowly watching the money trickle in? Of course not, I'm Rob freaking Sharona!!!

On my last post I had grinded up to $217.33 and was ready to slow down, lower my limits and get some consistent results.  Instead here is a list of the staggeringly stupid things I have sat down at:

 $30 - 100 Hyper Turbo Heads Up SNGS

The Big $22, $33 and $44

Sunday Storms (multiple times)

Numerous $8 180 man SNGs

0.25/0.50 & 0.50/1.00 Zoom cash games.


As a result, my bankroll has fluctuated wildly and aggressively.  It has made me miserable, and made me punch the air with glee.  I would get right down to my last $10, then bink a second place in 180 man $8 SNG.  I would then go back down to $30 then have a seriously mad run of heads up games.

Today, I started my session with just over $300, then got right down to about $180 playing on 3 0.25/0.50 Zoom tables.  I sat out, left $50 on this table, then whacked $100 on a 0.50/1.00 table.  The results were thrilling and sent my adrenaline through the roof!  Check out these 2 hands where I managed to practically felt 2 people in short succession:

It was awesome.  However it's this kind of self destructive thrill seeking that is not really doing me any favours, money boost aside of course.

I watch WSOP final tables, I enter local live tourneys, I follow people like Chris Moorman's progress, and I think: "I want me some of that!"

I loved playing poker everyday in Las Vegas.  It's something I think one day I could possibly do.


My stats are appalling.  My results are wildly inconsistent.  I am impatient and greedy.  I am also a gambler and a bit of a thrill seeker.

I think what I'm trying to tell myself is I need to CALM DOWN.

I now have the building blocks of a great little bankroll.  I must renew my study.  I have slacked on my PSO contributions.  I have lost sight of why I joined in the first place.  It's like I've been having a series of insane quickies with poker, rather than nursing a sustainable and loving relationship with it!

I hope I can rectify this sooner rather than later

All the best - may your aces hold and flush draws hit!

Rob xx