After reaching $30, I massively failed in terms of bankroll management and general play.

At the weekend I took my laptop to a mates house (one I went to Vegas with!) to play in the Sunday Storm tournament .  There was the whole gang there and we were ready to have a bit of a grinding session.  This is something I used to do quite regularly and is always a lot of fun.  The Corona's are flowing, the banter is fantastic and we all talk seriously about poker.  

Now the $11 buyin for this event is obviously far outside the buyins I am 'allowed', but I thought I would treat myself.  I actually played pretty good, managing to get triple the average stack by about 2 hours in, but ultimately came unstuck with this hand.

I raised from the cutoff with , and found the SB and BB came along for the ride.  SB was generally a tight player, and BB was playing around 35% of hands and had picked up a massive stack, so I was confident I could pick up a big pot if the flop was favourable.

The flop came , so it was indeed hugely favourable!  However when the BB just randomly shipped allin, I was left with a decision for all my chips!  In the end I decided to call simply because I thought taking this pot would set me up for a deep run, and opportunities like this are few and far between.

Of course the villain turns over , and while the  on the turn gave me more outs, I ultimately drew a blank on the river.

This isn't too much of a problem, as while I should be looking after my smaller bankroll, it was still a fun tournament.

What I'm really cross about is how I proceeded to play $20 of SNGs poorly.  I gambled, took risks, and ultimately dwindled away my entire bankroll AGAIN.

Fortunately I was 13VPPs away from hitting my $50 stellar award.  With no way of hitting this target without dollars, I convinced my nan (she's 75 and you'll find her on the 0.01/0.02 Zoom tables!) to transfer me $20 so I could play enough $1.50 SNGs to hit that target, and simply transfer the $20 back, which I did.  As it happened I managed to make a tiny profit of $0.51!

I'm viewing this as my last chance.  My bankroll now sits at a healthy $50.51, but this could quite easily have been an even more healthy $80, and would mean I would nearly be in the position where I can comfortably increase my buyin amounts.  

I need to keep my challenge on track, so here are my new rules!!

1) Only enter $0.25 SNGs

2) Recognise when I'm am playing poorly and STOP!!

3) Only enter MTTs with good value.

4) Continue to keep doing freerolls

5) Upload more hands to the forums for analysis.

6) No drinking when pokering!!

Thanks for the continued support.  I am still staggered at how people send me encouraging and useful messages, and also the brilliance of PSO in general.  The fact that these resources are available to an English idiot like me is so brilliant, and I kind of hope I reach my target so that I this blog hopefully provides evidence and inspiration to others.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves Robbie, let's tighten up a bit first....

Good luck at the tables!