It comes as a great relief to chalk up my first win of the campaign!

My bankroll now sits at $5.61, and it feels awesome having created this from absolutely nothing.

I'm having a nice run of it recently - suckouts haven't put me on tilt, races have been won, and above all I feel I am mostly playing well.  Like here for example, I was able to extract the maximum value out of my AA (something which I probably wouldn't have done before PSO!):

My next milestone is $10.00, and I am definitely sticking with $0.25 SNGs for now.  I have played 28 so far.  Out of those 28 I have cashed 8 times, including 4 top 3 finishes.  I am hugely encouraged by this.  I just need to step up the work rate now.

One thing I would like to develop is my ability to multi-table.  At present, I am just about comfortbale with 2.  While my bankroll is low, I have to put 100% focus into every single hand I play.

On the other hand, it would be nice to build up my VPPs.  In fact is crucial that I get 75 by the end of the year as I will receive a massive boost of $50!

In fact, it would be really useful if someone could calculate how many $0.25 SNGs I need to enter to earn 75VPPs.  Could anyone help me with that?

Anyway thanks for your continued interest.  I really hope I reach my overall goal as it would be nice to have this blog documenting it all.