Picture the scene. My bankroll is $1.11.  I have just finished watching the epic Last Longer challenge where a PSO member binked the top prize.  I'm thinking I want to play more PSO events.  Then this flyer for the Knockout Festivals pops up!  It costs $1.10 plus a PSO ticket, which I have, but obviously at the risk of my entire bankroll!

In the end I decided to reg for this anyway.  I think it's important to keep this challenge fun.  I worked bloody hard for that $1.11, and you know what?  This is my reward - to play a fun looking tourney.

Structure was good, with about 50 runners and $0.25 for every knock out attained.  I played super tight ABC poker, and this was good enough to secure me not only a 6th place finish, but also 2 bounties!  This result coupled with the overall result of 2 $0.25 SNGs I played has put my final total up to $2.85, which I'm obviously delighted with!

At the end of the day this is poor bankroll management, but at the moment I'm having fun, I feel I'm playing well, and I'm a gambler at heart!  As more money starts trickling I can afford to be much more cautious.

In other news, I enjoyed a most fun evening of live poker with ArtysmokesPS!  We have both said we shall write about it soon.  The theme running throughout them I'm sure will be SICK SICK SICK. Hahaha....

Good luck at the tables x