I finally found the time to play a Weekly Round 2 tournament and I'm delighted to announce I cashed on my first go!



Cashing in any tournament with a big field is hugely satisfying, but I was left with an overall feeling of frustration.  I was in a really good position about a third of the way through when I played AA appallingly.  I kept pumping money into a pot where all the information being given to me was that I was beat.  In fact it's embarassing to show you, but here it is in all it's fishy donkey glory:


I did well to steal dead money and double up to give myself a shot, but this was a turning point for me.  I was so cross with myself that I'm sure it affected my game.

Still, a dollar is a dollar and it proves you can make something out of nothing.  I'm going to treat myself to a 0.25c SNG and hopefully move on to bigger things.

On another note I got another Weekly Round 2 ticket by placing 22nd in a Badugi tournament of all things!  The Astronomer freerolls are a great way to try out different games, and it makes me wonder how I would do in tournies with a buy in.  At present, you do well in the first hour as there are people who don't know the rules, then the second hour you get about half the field sitting out!  But it is something to consider down the line.  With new games I find I concentrate better - I should really take this focus and pump it into my hold'em game!

Anyway, good luck at the tables one and all. PEACE