Zero. Zilch. Nada.  After playing about 15 0.10c 360 SNGs in a row I came away with nothing.  Yes I couldn't win a coinflip, yes I got my AA + KK cracked in increasingly incredible ways, but that's part of the game.  I'm more concerned that the structure of these tournaments and the wrecklessly loose, hyper aggressive nature of the villains who participate simply does not bodewell for my style of play.




I'll use an example to try and explain what I mean.

I woke up with AK off suit UTG+2.  I had 1250 chips from an initial starting stack of 1500. Blinds are 50/100.

My chipstack at this point was usually this unhealthy.  Pretty much 50% of hands normally involved someone allin and at least 1 person calling every time, with all kinds of bonkers starting hands.  Where I have cashed before I have simply waited for the hand that will double me up early on.  The problem is these tournaments are turbos, and you fast run out of opportunities to get chips.

With a hand like this, normally I would 3 or 4x it, hoping to get heads up, or even just win the chips there and then.  However in these micro turbos, a 3x raise would almost certainly get 2,3, even 4 or 5 callers, leaving me with a difficult decision on the flop over 70% of the time.

I opted to 4x raise, making it 400.  I get 3 callers, and the flop comes Q42, with 2 hearts on the board.  What can I possibly do then? Do I shove my remaining 850 and hope no one has hit anything? No - it's simply too risky.  I check, someone ships and some one calls.  Someone has flopped a flush draw and someone already has 2 pair.

Now I only have 850 chips, and blinds are soon 100/200.

Maybe I should have just gone all in and hoped for the best, but I really feel like I need to extract a better situation out of it.  I'm never going to shove AK off in early position so early in a tournament.

Which leaves me with a weird situation.  Should I stick to these games or switch?

With my next dollar, I am going to enter 4 0.25c SNGs that have 45 or 90 runners.  These are NOT turbo events, but hopefully will be filled with just as many hyper aggressive donks.  This will give me more time to find that crucial spot to double up and give me a chance of running deep.

Is this a good idea?  I would appreciate any feedback, as I would really love to master this microstake stuff!

Also, I am going to take this setback as an a good opportunity to focus on PSO league games.  My stats are rather embarassing.  Five games entered, and only 100 odd hands played? I need to get my league score over 1500!!

Anyway, peace out, good luck on the tables (unless you are a riduclous microstake tourney donk, i which case you've had quite enough!) x