So i played my 10 tourneys, at a cost of 0.10c each.


I only managed to cash in 4 of them, including 3 min cashes.  I really should be doing better! I'm still fine tuning my tactics, as while patience is the best method, these are still turbo tournaments so you have to make well timed steals.

Still, for an investment of $1.00 (albeit a tournament dollar), I now have a total of $1.23 cash that I can spend on anything!  A bit of good fortune and this total could have been higher.

I think I will continue with these 360 SNGs as I am operating at 23% ROI, so even if the money rolls in slowly, at least it is rolling in!

I think a target of $10.00 is achievable.

So you know, $1 in Las Vegas will buy me a single bottle of Corona in any casino!