I kind of stupidly forgot that I have some frequent player points left over from the heady days when I had a bankroll.  I used a lot of them simply to buy more cash, and this left me with about 330.

Obviously in a perfect world I would save my FPPs to for some cool Pokerstars gear so I can look like an absolute pro down my local casino!  However the smarter choice is to take advantage of the many ways you can use them to increase your bankroll.

I had 2 goals. Firstly I wanted to win a satellite unregister from the target event.  It doesn't make sense to spend my whole bankroll on one event when I could play many smaller games and really start building.  Secondly I wanted to cash in a few FPP freerolls, whether for money or more FPPs.

Initially I entered a 70FPP turbo satellite to the Sunday Storm.  These are great - 10 person sit n go, with one $11 entry to the Sunday Storm as the prize.  I've won these before so thought I would spin one up straight away!

I played like an absolute nit to get me down to the last 4.  But then went out, firstly by losing with the best hand:


and then with the worst hand!


This left me with a BronzeStar 10FPP NL Hold'em Turbo.  Pokerstars kindly boshed $500 in the prize pool, so that left about 3000 of us fighting for a top prize of $75.  I found this tournament very revealing because normally I wouldn't have cared about it at all.  But when I  aligned the following thoughts: my bankroll ($0!), my initial goal (Vegas baby!), and my long term goal (to play better poker), this tourney no longer felt trivial.  I had enough incentive to play the best poker I could, despite the tiny stakes.

It made me think, how much money have I wasted on this game by not going in with the right attitude?

Anyway despite all that, I went out in a rather rubbish 1004th place, albeit by getting it in pretty good:


244 FPPs remaining.  I'll save them for now, as if I don't get my first actual cash soon this blog may be a bit run out of material pretty quickly...