Here is my current tournament ticket list.


The $3.30 tourney entry came via a PSO promotion.  I used it to enter a satellite for the WCOOP-03 event.  I was surprised by how small the field was for such a big prize! Only have to fight off 47 others and I'm there, with a very useful consolation prize of $163.00 for 2nd place.

Normally with a rebuy satellite such as this, I would probably pump about $20 into it, but seeing as my bankroll is currently $0, I had to be a lot more cautious and play the best I could.  I managed to double up twice early on, taking my starting stack of 1000 to just over 4000, as you can see:



The blinds hurtle up in these things however, and I needed to get creative quickly! I stayed around 4500, which made me 16th/23 remaining. Only 1 prize here! I stole some blinds when i shoved with 77, but I really needed a double up.

I thought I found my spot with this hand, pushing allin to isolate someone who's range I sensed was weak, but ultimately got spanked and put me down to 3 bigs!

I pushed with K10off from the cutoff, which got through and took me back to 4500, but I was now 14th/16. Poker gods! I need you!

I folded a K9 off from my BB when the button shoved.  I could have maybe called, but just wanted to give myself one more lap...

2900 remaining, i shipped again from the cutoff with AJoff, and ultimately got finished by 2 pair, although I could have well tripled up! Out in 14th!

Overall, I am encouraged by how I am playing and will hopefully see the first trickles of cash coming in soon. As for the WCOOP, there are still regular WCOOP Main Event Rd 1 Freerolls, so I still have a chance!!

I appreciate any feedback so do feel free to comment.