Hi I'm Rob Sharona!


Like countless before me, I'm trying to build a bankroll from scratch, using a combination of MTTs and cash games.

I recently came back from my first trip to Las Vegas and it was freaking marvelous! It's my dream to fund all future visits there with my online poker winnings.

$4,000 is the princely sum I am aiming for, which should get me a week at the Mirage plus spending money.

As it stands, I can only really enter MTT freerolls.  I'm doing OK, having picked up a couple of Weekly Round 2 tickets already.  I also scored 74% in the MTT quiz which secured me a $3.30 EPT Live Satellite ticket.  If I want to do well in this I should probably retake the quiz and get a better score...

I will also try and make my mark on the PSO League.  It's something I have never attempted, so hopefully this new challenge will motivate me.

I will keep you posted with interesting hands and hopefully, lots of "I run so well!" updates!

Any support would be most appreciated, and if anyone wants to join me, let me know - maybe we could organise a mass PSO Vegas holiday!

Let's shuffle up and deal!