Bear with me for right now. I'm on tilt about this whole learning to play poker PROPERLY thing. I play in position. proper cards with proper betting. I've looked at different poker instruction from youtube to reading books like  "Ace on the River" to the pso school here and the full tilt poker academy.
Tell me how can players that go through the pso and play in the PSO tournament, not use the advice they give.
Either I'm unlucky or I have bad timing or I play terribly. I can't figure out which. If I played badly then it should be fixable.
I havent figured out yet how individuals go from starting chip stack of lets say 1500 to 20000 in the first 15 min of the tournaments. Has that crossed anybody elses mind or am I the only one.
We can talk about how they pick their spots and end up with genius plays to get to where they get that way. how do they do it.
I raise in position with AA, KK, QQ, AK, AQ, AJ  (suited mind you) and only to get knocked out by some yahoo that is playing 10 5 o  from under the gun when im on the button and calls my raises.
I understand about variance and saying thats poker folks. What on earth can I do to prevent or damage control these situations.
Ive played in 3 pso tournaments so far and variance is hitting me in my backside repeatedly.
I also understand about calling stations and how to avoid them, but at the beginning of the tournament how can you determine this. People are aggressive in these tournamnets to the point of being rediculous and then they end up getting the better end of it.

Im not sorry about this blog right now. Im on tilt and Im going to own it for a while and be hellmuthish abouth these issues.