I have watched videos from Pokerstars pokerschoolonline, and for me the greatest is the video of Jude Ainsworth's Scoop ME its great because it teaches what hands to play preflop, and what to do postflop. What hands to shove at the right time or stage of a tournament.  Right position in a 9 handed table also is very important in opening with the right cards dealth.


About Reading hands isn’t about putting your opponent on a single hand. It’s about putting your opponent on a range of hands and narrowing that range as you get more information. Exclusion. Most people get this right; they start excluding things from their opponent’s likely holdings based on his actions. The sentence “it seems unlikely that he has AA since he didn’t re-raise preflop” is an example of this. We can surely discard a whole lot of unlikely holdings much the same way, especially after we see how they act on the flop.

This is the good way to figure out hands. Assign a range of possible hands, and discard holdings as the hand plays out. A good thing to keep in hand when trying to figure this out on the fly is that it’s the number of combinations that matter. For this reason, if you “know” that your opponent has either AA or AK, then he’s more likely to have AK because there are 16 ways he can have that hand, but only 12 ways he can have AA.

I did I realize that there was plenty of information online that you could find about your opponents. For example, what they've won, what tournaments they normally play and how they do overall. I'd type in their online results under the notes tab, then also color code the notes with either "Winning Tourney Player" or "Losing Tourney Player."  Whats really great is because he won the MTT worth a million $.

I learned a lot from the video and I hope someday that I could play in Highstakes MTT or in the Sunday Million and WIN.

I want to say Best of luck in advance to all of those who play MTT's.