Hi all,

My first week on 10NL has been a challenging one. I had to adjust to the limits being 5 times as high as I was used to. Especially in the beginning that probably costed me some pots as I was a little too afraid to bet big enough. After a few hundred hands I got used to it and was fine with it.

But than...the horror started. I toke a few nasty badbeats where I got the money in good and was sucked out at least 3-4 times. It's hard to take a $40 loss when you are used to play 2NL, thats 20 stacks...I started playing bad, bad decisions, bad  moves, bit of tilt and after 5 losing sessions in a row and my biggest loss ever, confidance drop to zero.

But salvation was near...Coach Felix stepped in. He analysed my biggest hands, reviewed a small session I recorded, we talked about what I did wrong and what I did right and he gave me hints and pointers to pay attention to, to stop the spewy plays and he confirmed I did had some nasty suckouts which are never good when you are on a shot at higher level.

He sure is a great coach ! I felt motivated again, confidance was back and I start playing better. That night I finally had my first winning session, and it felt good !

Tuesday was my second "lesson". We continued on stuff discused last week. Solid intel, and was ready and excited to try that on the tables. That evening I played  a session that unfortunately ended in a small loss but I was satisfied about my game. I didn't do anything stupid, I followed the "rules" and it felt "natural".

Finally last night I played a longer session and had a sweet profit of almost 3 stacks !

So the first 5 sessions on 10NL were (big) losing sessions, the next 4 sessions had 3 winning session and a small losing session so I'm very confidant, progress is going the right way !

Thanks for reading,