Yes, it turned out NOT to be an April fools joke !

At 9:00 a.m. the first session started. I got a call from Felix by skype and we talked about opening ranges, betsize and lots of other stuff. We planned a 20 minute session but nearly 50 minutes later, we set a new date for lesson number 2 and finally said goodbye.

I'm ofcourse not at liberty to blog about the lession itself, nor would I want to blog about it. I don't want to make you, my future vilains, any smarter than you already are.

All day long I couldn't stop thinking about doing a testrun with my new obtained knowlegde, but work toke the rest of the day and social life toke the better part of the evening so finally around midnight I could open 2 Zoomtables and playing a very tiny session of 70 hands just to get my feet wet. 1 interesting hand came up in a range I normally would have folded and I happened to win his stack with it so that was very nice. Excited like a little kid, I skyped the hand to Felix as my "first blood"

This week I'm planning to play 3000 hands on 10NL.  Moneyscared that I am, I do feel more confidant even after 1 lesson, so I specifically picked 10NL to push myself into playing outside my comfortzone. Hope that goes well...


thanks for reading