Hi all,

Let me start by telling something about me:


I'm a man, married, 2 kids, 44 (2014). I live in The Netherlands so English is not my native language. Please forgive me for bad grammer or incorrect spelling. Try to learn Dutch, than complain

I have been playing poker for years now, playing a lot of playmoney but started doing sit&go's of $1,50 both 9max and DoubleOrNothing (the "old" fifty50's) after a while. I moved up to $3,50 and was winning very slowly but steady. Nothing to brag about, I wasn't gonna quit my dayjob just yet.

After a few years I discovered ringgames and was immidiately hooked. The fast action and the possibility  to quit playing at any moment was very tempting to me so I played it more and more but could not get any provit out of it. I was playing fullring 2NL mostly but sometimes 5NL or even 10NL just what I felt like doing. I didn't had a structured play, nor gameplan, nor experience to make any kind of provit except on 2NL regular tables. This provit was nothing compared to the losses on 2NLzoom, 5NL or 10NL. Still I managed to build my bankroll by winning sng and mtt but I hardly could keep up with my cashtable losses.

In July 2013, Felix "xFlixx" Schneider started his "GrindingItUp" challenge. That serie immidiatelly gave me some simple eye-openers on how to beat cashgames. I start making some big changes to my game:

1) play 6-max in stead of fullring

2) auto rebuy

3) multi-table

4) better handselection

5) positional play

All those points did help my game but it toke me almost half a year to fully get my game going. I finally seem to be provitable at 2NL and 2NLzoom. It's hard to say if you play as little as me, maybe 2 hours a day, four days a week.

My biggest, most annoying problem I have at the moment is: being afraid to move up in stakes. When I play 5NL, I'm scared and we all know what happends when you play scared: you get beat, always. My bets will be too small, my aggression is gone, I play too nitty, stuff like that, genuine bad play and it showed. Every time I did a shot I ended up tilting and lost stacks until I dropped back to 2NL.

 I always had this moneyscary problem, I simple cannot make myself play at higher stakes which annoys me a lot. But, at least, now I was winning on 2NL...

During that grindingItUp serie, I made a guest-appearance in episode 40. This was a reward for make the penalty-button (check the series..).  He analysed a few of my hands during this episode and it was an awesome experience for me, I was actually talking to my "pokergod".

Ever since we kept in touch on skype. Well actually, I kept bugging him on skype and he was always so kind to respond to me in the nicest way.

To make a long story short, in January 2014, I was chatting with Felix on skype and the most amazing thing happened...he offered to coach me !  We would start in Februari...

Februari became March....March was about to turn April when.... Felix popped a message:

"Are you free next tuesday for our first appointment?" 


OMG it's happening!  In a few days from now, my coaching starts and I'm super excited !


But still I'm a little bit afraid it's all a big joke because Tuesday is... April First !


Thank you for reading,