You walk in the table green
many new faces you have never seen
fighting like it war
Some come out rich some come poor
but it all starts as soon as u walk in the door

your chips are like ur army
and you must capture the others
fight the war for your brothers
there wont be peace till you complete you task
dont be a fool a drink from the flask
you need consentration in order too last
so put ur last results in the past.

you get closer and close by the hour
but the end result is in you power
either win or be devowered
it your choice every move u make
so be carefull and dont make the mastak

down too 2 u lasted so far
now  war for the winning
your body achs, but ur head keeps spinning
you make ur move you whole armie attacks
the other armie does too and 1 armie survies
it yours and you came out alive

lol kinda good poem :-D