Hello!  I am rivermenow and I have played on Pokerstars since about 2003 with a recent resurgance this past July 2010.  I am a mathematics and science teacher and have a wonderful and loving family.

I mainly play microstakes games and tournaments mostly because I am always comfortable with the wins and losses at that level.  If I drop $30+ in a single session I tend to be really mad at myself for letting that happen.  At the lower stakes I feel I analyze my play and when I do get beat, I tend to see either the faults of my own or more easily sense the bad luck was involved and I played it correctly.

I love playing tournaments though above cash games.  While I can turn steady profits playing microlimit PL Omaha, I have more fun when I get into a good tournament and make runs.  In the past 6 months I have managed to make 8 final tables, including a 4th place in a $2.20 PL Omaha multi this past summer, and 4 Limit Hold 'em final tables.  I have also won a couple of satellites and made a final table in a Stud H/L MTT.

For the first time I have achieved Silverstar status here on Pokerstars and have enjoyed the benefits so far.  So much so that I plan on maintaining my Silverstar status each month that I play on the site.  The extra FPP help me when I use them to buy into tournaments, and the $30k weekly freeroll is a great thing to look forward too on the weekends.

This month I am focusing on playing more poker leagues, including the PSO skill league.  I enjoy tournaments so much, and having a little extra incentive at the end of the month is more than enough reason to really try and do well in them.  Only the NAPL is not treating me well considering i've busted with AA twice to K9 and J3 respectively.  However, i'm currently in the top 100 in the Twitter Poker League, and I qualified for the Facebook freeroll due to 2 of 3 cashes last month.

I have a great time playing in the skill league and I hope it helps me build up my bankroll to increase my confidence in playing for higher stakes.