Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Under and Over Class

I 'am always wondering why is it ,that we as beginners  and/or  think we are the better  players then others thrive to not learn or participate in all the ciber information . I have joined many sites and viewed many forums but I have also seen that of all the members of many sites there are only a handful that  actually contribute on the forums. They are next to none and are dedicated  ,giving everyone some knowledge (not all the tricks)  too the making of are members playing better and being the Best.

It does make my mind wonder if I am one of  a few or none or one of the others trying too grasp and absorb the learnings of people that have played many more hands online and Live then me. Are we just a few of the discarded players willing to say we want to know more !!!,or are we the ones that actually do not know or cannot comprehend the teachings that are shown to us,

I was brought up to Indulge , Learn , with Hands On and even told if you Fail, try ,try Again !!. but always Listen.  Yes there is a point  where you need to stop and  take a breath ,and re-structure  your Plans and Goals, but there is never a Moment when a person does not learn  something. 

Thanks All ,just needed to Spill , GL @ the Tables