I thought I would put some pressure on myself with offering shares and Grind 30 games of $2.50 -180 man turbo's. Pressure was not quite the word for it. After selling out the shares in a respectful fast time ,I started my play .I still am alittle dum-founded as I went thru the first  5-6 games not getting any breaks except for being beaten up on the flops turns and river . Seemed if I was dealt a AK the villian would peel over me with a AA ,if I was on a draw the villian would take it down with a full-house. I couldn't get a break with any cards and decided to give myself overnight and try again.


So I get up the next day and off to the dumps again for almost 8 games talk about getting frustrated and really starting to second guess all my play ,thinking now am I just waiting for the best possible cards or is it just  the thought of loosing and looking bad too the members investing in my play.that was giving me the bad beat runs and play . I took another break and with about 15 games left managed to either start playing better or luck maybe blew over in a cloud .I charged pretty good and started to regain the confidence that I had entering into this proposituion.I  managed too scrape up 3=final tables got into the money 8 of the games and had 11 overall games finishing 40th and better out of 180 players of  the 30 -180 mans and two VIP FR's   I had played,

This surely has boosted my confidence and shown me how a few games can really alter how the other games can get played out . Overall made a small profit and a good mindset