Hi all PSO'ers and members that are new. As i am not a great writer and alot of time typing my thoughts that are not recongized as poker terms or actions ,I do love the game and the people that are associated with this site. and mostly the regular players that you get to chat with at the tables

I was thinking of all the times when we get into a groove and all the flops ,raises ,and folds do not Discourage us of our play,and cannot do wrong  But then  You know ?? when get  A5 off and bet and two villians call, wow what going on ,Now the flop turns a 5 , so we raise and  get callled . short story WE Win, 

Now we get AQ except we have 1 limper that is been calling the table for awhile  ,so we raise and  Why not the flop hits and we miss everything with the best cards BAD BEAT, So we loose and try again and again . My question is how many times can we say the luck will turn around, ?? We play position ,we play the best starting hands, and we are not getting the flops.... So we Bluff and so the story goes

Do we start to play as a begginner and try luck from playing with crap cards !!! and hope for the best !! Sometimes this will work --Again Luck and only luck.    So the only thing we can do is to hang up the gloves ,try and forget the day we had and start again.  Now it's a new day so we start again ,and the torture begins as sad as it ended !!!!     Are we playing bad or has the previous mess already mind settled and we have already started to play Bad from the outset from a few hands. Again do we take another break and hope to have the luck of the draw when we decide to [play again ??? hoping all things are undone.

I have gone thru this many times and I still keep plugging ,taking a few hours off,and also a day or so ,but  my mind still carries the games and bad beats that have occurred when I return to the tables. I know What Comes -Will Go and in my mind  It is only a temporariy problem and also I will regain the Strength and Competetion held in my Heart to WIN    

****** needed too spill off  ********