I was having a pretty good night last night,I haven,t played the open league for some time and entered with close to 10K players ,playing moderatly semi-tight ,I managed to get down to mid 50 place finish. with some confidence.



Being in a fairly postive mind set ,I entered the Big $22 Sat for $2.20 and fought my way down to 16th players to finish with a ticket with not having re-buys or add-ons..I un-registered ,then registered and after a few times of doing this and not postive as whether I should play since I  had been up for quite some time, I registered again .

I was very forunate as early on I was getting dealt many good starting KK AK AQ hands and was able to build my stack up to 20K with most others sitting at the table were still hovering with an avg of 5K , As always sometimes I get a little too AGG and fell back to 9K in chips and decided to slow down and tighten my play  up. It worked out and soon was able to accumlate my stack of 20K+ again .A few hours later the message hand for hand gets displayed and having 60K in the stack ,players fell. Were in the money Next i find the bubble was upon us and I survived to the final table .holding abit over 200K in chips. .

finally the final table

Hit  a hand getting up to 258K and then was card dead  The blinds were up to 30/15K and antes to 5K and with only 139K left and getting dealt A9o ,I went all-in as I was going to only last 1 orbit and hadn't been getting any premuim hands .I finished in 7th place and with a helping bankroll of $654 . This has been definitley my best payday at Stars to date

here's my last hand to a great game an payday !!!