LOL, How's everyone doing ??.  Well,Well I decided I was going to try an attempt to make and produce a vidieo for this team online challenge . I gave a lot thought towards this as I have never used or have attempted to make any sort of video's .Istarted with downloading a software package as a free trial, and then spent many hours reading and watching the tutortials on the process to the making of a Video from start to finish'  Have to say that if you have had no hands on or expierence with this kind of software !!!,put it this way  it's not all that easy .It's all trial and error and for the last part More Error then just fast results.  

So iI began with trying out all the cool stuff and experimenting with ths "what they call transitions ,captions, wanting too create a eye catcher ,I managed to have what I thought was really cool with music from some of the latest rap singers doing lyrics about Poker Stars .and used the visual effects . I imported my hands from a tourney that I had performed well in also. If not only the hours I spent learnig the software wasn't enough , the process of going through my hands and trying to do a chop here and a chop there was incredibly time consuming . I managed to get 2 hours of play down to a bit less then 15 minutes. I cannot say what I did next , I had some problems with the tracks and decided to look in the help section . As I scrolled thru the list  I hit open a new project .Guess what ?? I deleted all my work as stupid me did not save my work as I went along . I did make sure to lock the tracks when I was reducing the hand play though.  Thumbs up for that.!!!!!

Being up most of the night I was pretty pissed off and started all over again ,from scratch  ,with music ,chopping my hands down to a small time limit.and arranging the tracks as so they would all come together  so it would be presentable.Now as with the project that I started with,  all I had left to do was an audible track refering to my card play  .That was another time bomb as I narrated it but spent time trying to get it to match the cards on the table showing.

All in All , I got her done this afternoon, and as it was being uploaded to You Tube I went to PSO and the forums ,and to my disbelief - I read that  the contest was closed  . Maybe I am wrong but I had read that this contest was closing at 11.59 pm on Nov2 2013 and did not read of anything that said it closed in mid afternoon of Nov 2/2013   Anyways I am going to post my submission whether it's late or not and hope the members will view it,   If i'm not able to participate at least I will be able to say that I learned alot about making a Vidieo and now would not hesitate to attempt another one.

I am glad to have spent time and have learned alot .      IT WAS TIME WELL  SPENT