I sat back deciiding what games to play today as it was quite misserable outside ,let a bit chilly


So i entered a few torurneys the Storm,and the Pokercast invitational ,I preceded to play while listebning to Dave doing his Sunday bits on the sundays traing,great stuff Dave, 

Well, I mangad to get down to 3990 places in the Sun.Storm and was happy to receive $15.30 payout with costs of $11.00 giving me a profit of $4.30  .I was also entered in the pokercast Invitational  for a cost of $1.10 and busted the bubble at 10th spot managing to cash for $10.72  ,giving me a profit of $9.62 . 

here' a hand from when i was close to the bubble iin the 1.35 sat.for the Bigger $27.50

On a small roll and playing someway half decent ,it was time to try some sat's for the Bigger $27 ,so I played  the 60 cent , $1.35 and a $2.50 ,$4.40 satties    .Did varyily well hitting the bubble in one paying out $15.00 ,and a win giving me entry for the BIG 27 .50   I busted two other of the 60 cent satties tho,

Now I was into the Bigger 27 which had already been running approx 40 min's  and there were close to 1950 runners  I managed to increase my stack and then see it slowly decrease as the blinds were creeping up and my stack was getting smaller ,we were into about 3 hrs of play ,Did not help matters out as the player to my right was a manic open raising 3-4 BB and re-raising everyone on the flop almost every hand.  With a long period of being card dead I was not able to attack him .He pretty well open raised hand after hand and everyone was folding ,Funny thing tho he mangaed to reach a 50+K stack and within 20-30 mins he gave it all away  ,My first thought was yahoo the idiot is gone.Anyways I finished 183rd   ITM  and cashed for $53.46 .

Thought I show a few hands and the last one on my wat to the exit in the Bigger $27.50

For a real crummy Sunday day outside.  It turned out to be a pretty nice day inside at the tables.keeping warm & dry. Just need to correct some mistakes as it would be more satisfiying to reach the final tables more and see the bigger moneys   None the least   I cashed for $122.08 and had costs of $29.1 .I was Pretty happy to put close to a hundred into my bankroll and have a concistent day of play