No Gold  Table yet but still in the Bucks.  I played thru game 7 and finished 3rd, so I tried a change up going as listed to a 180 man $4.50 and survived approx half the field, finishing 99th  of 180 .Sure am getting tired  ,Have been up most of the day and had to leave so as to get my 21 lb Kitty Kat from the vets ,he was sick with an infection an is only going on 8 cat years   He's going to be OK thanks Above, Anyways game 10 ,ready to fall asleep, half way thru the 18 man $3.50  i saw the skys light up and held my eyelids open , lucky  I didn't have any toothpicks hangin around.  but  I manged to get to the final table again 

So the table opens with 9 players and I blink or maybe wake up from the alert on the computer and we ar down 2 players

OK now we get done to 5 players and another one gone , i managed to hit a full-house

More an More rds of all=ins and folds kept coming till we hit Heads-Up and it all started again  bac an forth  ,bac an forth  and then I went all !!!!

Finally got the Win and more $$$$  for the stake holders ,have had a good showing for the SNG GOLDS  --- 10 games and 6 Final Tables  most  with ITM