Have had some luck lately playing Ohama .I haven't played this game all that much but only in the home league .Earlier on with about 16 players left I had gone down to 1K in chips and facing more the regs like megg Labicho,easychips4u ,I mangaed to get back to my starting chips..Finally before I knew it we were hand for hand and I had 9K in chips facing  Miss Gilly 8K  Howister 22K,    ooojohnnyoo 18K,  EdinFreeMan 32K FlopMyNuts w/13K at the final table, I dropped a few K and slowly got up 12,15K 


Down to 3 players left  Edin ,Howister and myself all holding approx 25-28 K   Howister goes all in and takes out EdinFreeMan.and now we are heads -up  ,having double the chips we played  some hands  with a starting raise of 3X  and as Howister got down to 13K It was heads-up final play time  ALL-IN

 PSO home league players are a great group of skilled players and  I have much fun playing  with these people ,and there's none of that crazy ignorant chat as you find at tables sometimes. My hats off to everyone and good luck to everyone for the rest of this month's series