I  thought  I would give the $3.30 HU Re-Buy Sat  to the  WCOOP  #12  Main Event  a try .I decided not to play any freerolls or any other games and give this  satty  my  full  attention.   The  tourney lasted almost 2 hrs. and I prevailed to the end without any rebuys or an add-on surprisingly. I won my $215. entry,now if luck holds on I will hopefully last this two day Main Event. I wanted to show a couple of hands that I was confident with but was do or dye to be able to win. The first one here is  against  the  supernova  player   (uradead lol )with 58K in chips.  I was at 116K in chips. I was skepitical playing an almost all inner with this player but  but went thru with it

This hand was such a bad beat in my mind and kind of disfused my eagerness and I found myself playing tighter especially with 12 players left and the bubble was 8 with the top 7 winning entries to the heads up main event  . Here's the almighty deadly flop

                   going to give this tourney a shot rather then cashing out