Hi Everyone and Everyone New , As i'm fairly new here and luv competing in the game of poker  mostly NL holdem ,I wanted to say that poker is a long   and winding road of learning and testing ur-self to different levels of play and preparing against your competitors,




I have found that poker can be very ,very frustrating ,more when you decide to enter and play .and have your mind set to going to the payout round ,But when you are close to the bubble or even on the final table and Bust out  . It can reflect in many ways about how you play and adjust your betting  play .This usually  will send you in a  default mode where a opponent starts raising and calling against you and you  will have a probabitily of loosing all   if not all your winnings.   Getting to this situation will and most likely put a person into a slump of  not winning hands But leaving the tables early, raising in the wrong position  and all above  Brain Fade  also called  ( TILT )  

If I may say I think all of us whether just starting , have been here for awhile ,,or we've been here along  time ,We have all gone thru cycles of winning and losing. this is why I am writing today .

I had a long and bad week .  I had repeatly told myself that it was a bad hand ,  shoulda sat out for a little time but I still want to give it all  MISTAKE

With the micro-millions running and wanting  to play . I thought I would try and give myself a game where the stragdtey may or even give me a different perspective of  betting at the proper time and following what the players were doing   so I  can play  better in NL Holdem

So here goes I entered into a FLNH  .60cent   Micro Sat  that gives me entry to a $5.50  buck entry

The game invovles around betting each round  example-- bet,raise, re-raise  and final call ,this can go around and be raised by everyone ( 4 RDS of bets ) untill  the next card is dealt . Funny it starts all over again , till you get to the river .  Well you can loose alot of blinds just betting, and go home fast,  I realized and saw  what i have been doing and following what other beginners were doing .I was playing  like a fish ,not really following what was going on.  I was joining the rest of  the ?????? easy takedowns    I slowed down and finished first   winning my ticket to the $5.50 entry to FLHE  10K  Turbo Micro,  but it definitly showed me too slow down, don't get to aggressive with the betting and watch your position  .I will look at things in a another way now not saying I wont make the same or even other mistakes but i will keep trying  to be better. I might make some mistakes but i am going to do my damns`t to win !!!!  this thing    OH  `YÀH

I came out from my loosing streak and feel very good as I could see faults in my own personell play . The FLHE game showed me a different way of playing ,watching  not necessarily playing the clock but good poker overall    It may be not for you but it is wirth a try  and might give you a different perspective when you are sitting at the tables 

this is a thanks to Chewme1  for the patience he showed while in the Micro-millions $3.30 and doing a class for PSO Members  . last I looked u where sitting at the 1600 left level  GOOD STUFF