Almost the end of the year, and my account of using up my School Pass tickets that expire today!


School Pass Tournament        9 x $3.30 tickets

Doubled up early with T high flush with 4 Diamonds on board, 1 opponent folds shows 9 D, other calls and shows top pair. T high flush wins.

My AK beats A8, up to 4K in chips.

4 sitters and 3 players at my table, I love playing short tables!

I have a set of 3s on the flop, I shove, crushed by set of Aces, down to 2K. Cooler. 

Big stack at the table is now on my left.

Blinds at 150/75

I have 10 BB, shove with 99, 1 caller with A 5, turn comes Ace. I'm busted!

Out 314th of 804 runners with 86 rebuys.

Thanks for reading this!

Happy New Year everyone, and good luck at the tables!!!