School Pass #9


SuperFreeBuy Satelitte 200 tickets Christmas Eve

2nd hand I have 9T os. I limp call, we go 3 ways to flop, which comes TAA.

Villian bets 110, I call, pretty sure he has an Ace, hope he doesn't have 2 of them! Other player folds.

turn comes T, goes check/check, river comes case T for quads!

Sure that he will call with Aces full, I shove 1090, he snap calls and shows A4. I double up.

I gain 600 chips with AQ vs. AJ on KAQ 2 hearts board.

7 4 clubs with 689 2 clubs board, I fold to 1K shover.

88 laid down on 323 9 board facing shove. Easy fold.

20 BB I get moved to action table with 2 sitters and 3 short stacks

259 left out of 541 runners, I get moved again to table with 3 big stacks and 3 sitters.

I chip up with back to back pots:

Q2 in big blind, flop comes 6QQ. Goes check/check/check. Turn comes K giving me a flush draw as well. Villian bets 350, called, I raise pot. Both fold, I win 1400 chips.

99 in small blind, I call, flop comes A56 rainbow. Turn is a 7, Villian bets 200, I call. River comes A, he bets 200, I call. Opponent shows 88, I win 1200 chips.

234 left at break. 2 sitters, 1 short stack of 600 chips. I'm card dead, and pretty much assured of my ticket. Play is super slow, lots of stallers. I try to tell them we should play faster and blind out the sitters, but to no avail.

The 2 sitters get their tickets, as does the short stack with 150 chips. I'm happy for the short stack, wish we could have got the sitters out!

Registered as 1/200 so again I'll take it as a win!

Got my ticket to the SuperFreeBuy 5 tickets to Sunday Million satty.


Thanks for reading!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays to all!