School Pass game #8

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another fun tournament! Aren't they all?

Saw Vicky Coren say today "If you aren't having fun while losing at poker, you shouldn't be playing." Not sure I totally agree with that sentiment, but I understand her point......

Picked up AA early, check, check, min bet , no action. Where are the donks?

Back to back boats for 2 different opponents for pots of 420 and 210. WTF?

Realize where the donks are......... there aren't any, this table is tighter than a fat lady's girdle at a Las Vegas buffet......

I chip up where and when I can, pick my spots.

I get moved. Quickly realize this table is also super tight.

67 sooooted would have cracked AA, but whatever, too early to be playing that hand. Isn't it?  


doubled up with 55 against A2 sooooted

279 runners left of 747 at 1st break

blinds 100/200

My table has stacks of 16K, 5K with two short stack sitters

16K stack knows how to use it

blinds up to 150/300/25 ante

I shove with 56 (soooted LOL) on turned straight, get called by 16K stack, we chop the pot, same hand

I was worried about JT which would have made nut straight

everyone loves a chop pot right? In this case, I'm OK with it, could have been worse.....

won't say much about the rest of the game, don't want to give away any strategy.......

I will say everyone knew how to play these tourneys on the bubble....

Got my ticket, top 200

registered as 1st out of 747 runners, so I'll take it as a win!!!!!

thanks for reading this everyone, good luck on the tables!