This was a relatively quick one....

School Pass 9 x $3.30 tickets

Tripled up early. Raised 3BB with KQ hearts. 2 callers.

Flop comes A spades, J hearts, A hearts. I have nut flush and royal flush draws.

I check. Both players check.

Turn comes 7 hearts, completing my flush, Somewhat worried about someone having the Aces full boat, but not too worried. I check, player to my left shoves, villian #2 calls, I call.

Villian #1 to my left shows weaker flush with 4 7 hearts. Villian #2 mucks, says nice hand.

Play is pretty much standard after that until I get dealt KK. I raise UTG for 3BB. 1 caller to my left.

Flop comes 3Q7 rainbow. I raise 6BB, caller now shoves for 30BB, I snap call.

Donk shows 23. Turn inconsequential T, he binks a 3 on the river.

I'm crippled, down to 400 chips.

Next time I get a hand I shove with A8, same donk calls with Q4, hits his Q.

I decline the rebuy.

I'm out 172nd out of 496 runners, 16 rebuys.


Good luck everyone!

Thanks for reading this!