Game # 4



9 x $3.30 ticket tournament.

Really fun tournament!

Played super TAG early as usual, doubled up early with QQ vs TT.

picked off a villian I had noted earlier as an easy target, right after he had lost a big pot. I put him on tilt and called his all in with my AJ sooooooted. It's in my range, right?

He had Q7. up to 6K....

after that, continued to play my game...

folded A7 in 3 way pot  against opponents who shoved A9 and AQ, ezed fold for me. AQ held.

thought about AJ for a long time UTG, folded, would have hit set, pot was minimal at 450

1st break........... I'm 45 out of 491 runners with 49 rebuys

So at this point, I have a nice civil table, all tight players. I'm picking my spots and chipping up nicely. Right before the 2nd break, the rebuy break as I call it, I get moved to another table. I am suddenly pretty much short stacked with the 2 players to my left having 108 BB and 27K in chips, and 40 BB and 10K, to my 24 BB and 6K stack.. I again just play my game, pick my spots, but am pretty much card dead and position dead. I pick up the blinds when I can, and a few small pots. The 27K stack knows how to use it.

So interesting in MTT play how table dynamics change. One of my favorite things about MTT play.

One minute you're table captain, the next you're swabbing the poop deck.

At this point we break for the add-on. Makes no sense for me to add-on 2500 for $0.20 given the stack sizes. I decline.

Play continues, everbody's play is pretty standard. A few sick suckouts.

I shove with 20 BB with AK called by my left with 66. Turn comes a 6.


Finished 61st out of 491 runners


Good luck on the felts all!

Thanks for reading this!