I have 11 School Pass tickets that expire at the end of this month, so this will be my account of how the grind goes in using them up!


I finished in the top 500 in the Open Skill League for November, so bit of a cash boost. I use those tournaments as practice in negotiating a minefield, LOL!

I will use my school pass tickets in the 9 x $3.30 ticket tourneys and the Big Bang satellites.

I don't really like the rebuys tournaments as I have a limited bankroll, and I find a lot of weaker players just rebuy any time they bust. I have actually seen players spend more than the $3.30 ticket value in rebuys. They bust and re-enter and jam jam jam. I know, tighten up, but they seem to be my nemeses.

I do generally add-on though if the situation warrants it.

Any advice on this strategy is welcomed!


So, game #1 9 x $3.30 tickets.

finished 153 out of 534 runners

Busted QQ 20 BB I shoved beat by the player to my left with KQ. Loose call with the KQ imo, but I have been having no luck with JJ QQ or KK lately. Always seem to lose to the 1 overcard.

Any advice?

Well, keep tuned, and wish me luck!

Good luck on the felts all!