Well this was a fun tourney!


My 1st table I put a couple of fish out with solid hands, then ended up at same table with 8 sitters.


Luckily the tables did not get redrawn for an hour, and I just blinded the sitters out, chipping up to 18K. Even made it through the break with no redraw, some sitters went out, luckily replaced by other sitters. I think I won 100 hands in a row easily, though I didn't count.

Then people started to sit in with about 300 chips. Big stack advantage to me, I put them out easily.

Table finally broke and I got moved with most of the sitters at 100 chips or less. Damn, wanted to run that table out!

None of the sitters made the money.

So why do people register to these if they are going to sit out?

So anyways, played super TAG for a while, monied up. Ended up busting 115th out of 3990 players.

Made $0.45. For a freeroll, I'll take any real money cash.

Lost when my AA was cracked by AK broadway.

That's poker!

Have fun and good luck all!