Welcome my friends to one of the best poker sites on the net. Everyone of you that have inquired with me about the Poker Stars site and poker school are in for a real treat. Please take the time to explore all venues of this training. You have all inquired on how I have come to be the player I have had the oppertunity to become and I state to you;  the training and many years of playing here on Pokerstars has  helped me to become a better texas holdem and poker player. I can not stress enough on what you can accomplish here on Pokerstars. I personally have played for real cash and freerolls and have qualified many times for the W.S.O.P. playoffs, I admit I have not won thosands of dollars on this site but as you can tell by my ability of play that is about to change. I wish you all the best of skill and luck, MAY ALL YOUR CARDS BE ACES AND YOUR POTS BE MONSTERS,lol.  Warmest regards, your friend and fellow texas holdem player Richard Pitt AKA: rishiwhitelk.    SEE YA AT THE TABLES.