my name is david .  born n raised in odessa texas  home of oilfields   dessert    n high skool football.  george bush was born here  .  the film  friday night lights was written about our  MOJO panthers  .i play various sports  with baseball being  my true passion.i have a  big sister who i am very proud of.i have 4 boys  who i love dearly  two of them are graduated and in college or working, a senior in high skool  and a 15 yr old.  names  are brex, chris, casey. and collin. i  have worked in pipelines since 17.i am 43 yrs old.i am still not giving up on finishing my OSHA training at the college.i started playing poker about  8 yrs ago.i saw scotty ngyn  win wsop on espn   .  thought i have 2 figure this game out. so i bought a wsop  playstation 2 video game  and began my  i have been online now for 2n a half years. with pso  came great opportunity i believe.i have met some of the koolest peeps in here.from a broad range of backgrounds  and i personally want to thank each and every  one of you for putting up with  me, and allowing me to  learn n grow from you.thanx yall and keep up the great play.  c ya at the tables.