My first WBCOOP was not good.I was the First hour card dead.And in the first break my stack was 9,1K.The second hour ik got my firts hand.I I make a 3bet on the co vs MP open he calls flop comes  Tx8sQs mp checks i make cbet 1,4K and he is tanking and ships all in i fold and lost the pot,and then im left with a 6,2k stack.

Next hand is QJo vs co limper i isolate the limper he calls flop comes Tx2sTs he checks i make c bet and he calls turn 2s he donks pot bet i fold and left with 4,5K

And know comes my bust hand sb steals a lot im left with 17bb A7s in BB he raise 3bb i push my A7s vs sb he makes the call with KJo flop comes  TxTx4x turn 8x and the river is a J and im out and finish 215th ,so my debut in the WBCOOP is not so good .Hopefully i will run better in the next 9 events.