This first week on Poker Stars has been fun and frustrating. I haven't played hold em in 5 years. It's been great to get back into the game and find something that is actually intellectually stimulating. I set up a spread sheet to track all of my sit and go and tournament finishes, right now it is an up and down roller coaster. One moment I am playing great the next I am losing with A K suited or A A to some loose cannon with 7 3 off suit. Very frustrating to put it lightly. I did try a few of the low stakes real money games and actually got my first win "In the money". It was fun but I know I have a lot of things to work on. Current points: How to increase my chips during a tourney so as not to hit the wall on the blinds when they hit the 1k level. I am trying to play tight which is good at the start but in the tourneys I never can get the 10k plus stacks I see a lot of others rolling with. The next is losing head to match ups to weaker players that use a strategy of raising you 2 big blinds when they are sitting on the small blind. In the 4 and 6 player sit and go's I play well up to the point where I get this nickel and dime strat that is very annoying. I used to think the constant "all in" players were annoying now this is much more so. I don't mind losing to good players with good hands but bad players with bad hands and loose cannon strats drive me nuts. Going to focus on these areas of my game to improve upon and keep up with the pso lessons.