[ violins please...] Sadly, I don't have one, really... Never won a tourney of note. Never even won a tourney of "no-note". Don't get me wrong though, it's not like I'm mindlessly throwing my money away into the site. I'm a profitable player it seems. Been playing recreationally for three years now and I did manage to parlay a modest 100$ investment into roughly 1200$.

While that might not seem like a lot to you, I'd like to point out that when I started this uphill climb I didn't even know what blinds were. I was as green as a new player can be. All my skills are self-taught. I never went broke. And I never put more money into my account.

So what's my best moment on PokerStars? I guess it's everytime I play. Doesn't matter if I never win a tourney cuz I cash in most of them. It doesn't even matter when I finish a session behind cuz I can always make that cash back in a sit-n-go or heads-up, since those are my forté.

But, wait. Does that sound waaaay too corny? Yea, maybe. The thing is I learn everytime I play. And that to me is way more rewarding than winning a few bucks.Those are my great "moments", when I add a new skill to my arsenal! I wanna get good at poker. I wanna get REAL good at poker if you know what I mean. And I really couldn't do that if I was tilting all the time from losing and not taking the time to learn.

Sorry if I can't pin down the exact date of circumstance of my "moment". I'm sure you understand, if not think back to a time when you hadn't won anything yet. What's motivating you at this point? Getting better. Scratching a few a bucks on the side while you're at it. You're not asking for much. You're just there to have fun.

And that's me today. I woke up and watched a couple of videos from PokerStars pro André Coimbra. Watching him is inspiring me to try and beat him. Im not holding my breath though, no worries. At the bottom of one of his posts he mentionned the WBCOOP. And I thought... why not?

So do a me favour: hook me up with some WBCOOP tickets. Lord knows I need 'em. And who knows... I might come back with a great story about how I won the main event, rushing out of the shower cuz I'd forgotten about the time and date of the event [wink* wink* Dale]. Now that would be a "moment"...