Hello fellow Poker enthusiasts,

       My name is Terrance Browning, I Have been playing on poker for almost 4 years now. I play online poker on a website called +PokerStars and I have never really been too successful. I have only placed in a high stakes tourney once about 2 years back and won $160.00 and placed 7th in the tourney. Lately I have been attempting to play poker a little more strategically using the "bankroll management" theory, I call it a theory because I have yet to prove it.

       On this Blog I will update my Bankroll on the days that I play poker. I will Provide the information of which tourneys I entered, where I got the passwords, what place I finished in, and how much money I received for placing in the tourney.

       Latly I have begun to take poker a little more serious rather than just for fun. I would love to profit from this game like other have. I have made it a goal of mine to stop spending money for a bankroll and create one for free. Before today's tourny my Bank was sitting at scarce $4.66. To achieve a solid bankroll I have set up some rules for myself, influenced by other sources.

       Lets Begin, the first and foremost is Bankroll management. Alot of sources that I read like to use say to have at least 300x the big blind. Well im going to play tighter than that and ensure that I have at least 500x the big bling in order to join a table.

| $0.01/$0.02  ||  Bankroll must be @ $10.00 to join a table.

       As you can see I have a lot of freerolls to play before I will see any table action. I'll keep you posted.




Tournaments Played in today:
100k depositor Freeroll
+PokerStars Tournament #682420961, No Limit Hold'em
25000 players
$1000.00 USD added to the prize pool by PokerStars
Total Prize Pool: $3139.00 USD
Tournament started 2013/02/12 15:00:00 ET

You finished the tournament in 1306th place. A USD 0.53 award has been credited to your Real Money account.
Current Bankroll : $5.19