Hi all.  Just wanted to say how much I am loving PokerStars at the minute.

I played in the Big Stacks 500K play money tournament and finished in 5th place!  I was so happy with the way I played, making some but far, far fewer errors than before I started PokerSchool, which is really great.

Shame it's not real money on this tournament though!

One day.....

Thank you to Mike.Dot.Roy and seweetpea_37 for the encouragement and great game.  Well done on 1st and 2nd places btw!

Thanks also for the entertaining chat during the tournament....DonkZilla 13, chiptrader44 & cannot forget Teddie Bare.  Was great fun.

Until next time. See You!

 This is for you Dad.  My King of Hearts.  Loved your Poker.  I'll try and do as well as you did!  Miss you so much. RIP x

RFH1974 x