I'm sure I am not the only person to have done this and it seems to happen the more tired I get or just not in the right frame of miind.  I don't think it is tilt but something else that could lead to tilt. Maybe it's OCD, I don't know lol.  The worst part is knowing your feeding the pot, knowing your beat but just need to see if your prediction was right.  


Now comes the weird part.  If your prediction was wrong and you actually win the pot, your happy with the win but disappointed with your prediction!  If you were wrong with your prediction and lose the pot then it is a double whammy and that may lead to tilting.

At that Point, In the immortal words of the Humungus, "Just walk away"  

HOWEVER, If you lose the pot but were right on your prediction then a little cheer escapes you. >.<


 Anyone else call off knowing your beaten but just need to see? 

ps, I do make notes and color code them on it  whether I am correct or not

 And I am pretty sure they mark me as a fish or calling station  lol 

GL on the felts