Lots of people play poker on Pokerstars with play money and would like to try to play for real money but cannot fund thier accounts for a variety of reasons.  There are many freerolls to get people started but there are many more ways to build a bank roll than just looking under the "FreeRoll" tab.



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Your thinking-------If only I had $2 to try some .10 Sng's or take a stack to a .01/.02 zoom or do a few .50 tournies, but how...... Well,,,,,,,You can do this.....

A) Run the daily free roll satties on pokerstars for the 2k weekend games.  They run daily and are a two part tournament.

B) Join poker school - Aside from poker school passes for attending live training that allow you to join games, there are bonuses for completing some quizes that reward tickets to try your hand at cash games. Doing these quizes is worth it if funding your account from $0 not only for the tickets but for the info.  Once you join poker school you can also do the open league games where you can try your luck and play for a monthly prize pool. As well, while playing open league, If you can place 3 consecutive times in a row in the top 400, you will get a big bang ticket.  That could kick start your bank roll nicely there. Thats THREE (3) games in a row consecutively. It can be spaced days apart, no matter.

C) The Big Bang - By adding content and submitting blogs about your experiences, game play, thoughts, etc, you may get a ticket for the "Big Bang" tournament.  Its a tuff field of opponents but the only people playing are members of poker school so brush up on videos for mtt play and final tabling.   It tends to be a $5000 prize pool with approx 500-650 players monthly.

D) Team online Freerolls - Offered to 5 lucky players per team online pro's blog/facebook and/or twitter feeds. Follow your favorite team online player and once a month they may have a unique competion that if your lucky enough, you get a ticket valid for a $1000 prize pool and play with 5-9 team online players. These tickets are valid for 6 months I believe so that can be 6 games, one game per month.  Some of the players that participate are     1)Adrienne Rowsome - Talonchick 2)Felix Schneiders - Xflixx                    3)Tyler Frost - Frosty012                 4) Katerina Malasidou - Katerina289  to name a few.  Follow them to have a chance to play in the team online free roll.

E) Follow pokerschool on twitter/facebook etc and participate in #Loddenthinks and other feeds from pso to win $11, $22, $33, etc tickets to the BIGS!   (I won a poker deck in the card count on twitter from PS!!)  Its really nice and thx btw!!!

F) There are a couple other ways I cannot think of atm but hopefully some members will add it to the comments if any one thinks of any.

Good luck in #grindingitup and if you see me at the felts, fold out.

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