So I just had Sofia Lovgren comment on my facebook regarding my live league play blog.  It Made my day!!

Sofia Lövgren Haha, that’s a great story, and with a happy ending!
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This made me think and it was a topic we were discussing outside on the patio a couple of days ago.

In no other game/sport is there so much interaction with high rollers/pro players and just recreational players.  What are the chances of being to play a game of foot ball with a pro, or kick around a soccer ball with a professional or interact online with a chess/scrabble champion? People that actually respond to twitter / face book and other forms of media.  Not only do they interact but there are many chances to acually sit and play with them as well.  Join their personal clubs, get training, hear thier thought processes, etc, etc.  

In my past couple years playing I have had the opportunity to play with many of them and interact with some of them even at my low VIP level.  I have yet to meet any in person but hopefully one day that may come about. I have been part of the online freeroll tourney and been stuck between "Talonchick" Adrienne Rowesome and "Xflixx" Felix Schnieder.  I was the cream in their oreo cookies.... I think I did alright placing ITM on a couple occasions.  I recommend anyone to follow them on social media for opportunities such as that.


I have also sattied my way into the $109. I grabbed first and held it to the end.

Once I got into the game I built up a nice chip stack and then just before ITM, I got put to a table with JPKELLY and took some chips off him.  I had a screen shot but when I formatted my pc last time, I lost it >.<  Anyway, I got into a heads up with JP shortly after with my JJ in mid position raisiing 2.5x.  Everyone folded to him on the BB and he reshoved me all-in.  I did have him covered by 1.5x the stack and so called him off.  He flipped AQ suited vs my JJ.  My JJ held and I eliminated him after feeling my heart stop as the cards hit the table. I did go on to win $620 from my $2.75 satty.  Too bad I had a hydro bill overdue.....

I have gotten to play with Frosty, Xflixx, Talonchick, JPkelly, Acoimbre and more and its silly but there is a neat little feeling that goes through when they are at your table.  I imagine if it were live, I'd be visibly shaking looking at my hole cards. LOL

Anyway, good luck playing the pros, have fun interacting with them and may you collect many bounties!!!!  


ps, feel free to drop a line in the blog on who you have sat at a table with / eliminated or met.